Making more useful

No front-end developer today can get by without knowing browser support for all the latest HTML and CSS features. Luckily Alexis Deveria’s provides the ultimate visual cheatsheet for this. Using the website is great; however, lately I’ve longed for something more. Two tools—When Can I Use Web Widget and caniuse-cmd—is exactly what I was looking for:

  1. When Can I Use Web Widget by Andi Smith gives me the ability to add information on blog posts

The “When Can I Use” Web Widget provides authors with the ability to include up to date information about browser support for a feature they are talking about based on the data crafted by

  1. caniuse-cmd by Sam Gentle allows me to use caniuse in command line! Seriously can’t applaud this enough

$ caniuse websockets
Web Sockets ✔ 85.22% ◒ 1.35% [W3C Candidate Recommendation]
Bidirectional communication technology for web apps #JSAPI

IE ✘ 5.5+ ✔ 10+
Firefox ✘ 2+ ◒ 4+¹ ◒ 6+ᵖ² ✔ 11+
Chrome ◒ 4+¹ ◒ 15+² ✔ 16+
Safari ✘ 3.1+ ◒ 5+¹ ◒ 6+² ✔ 7+
Opera ✘ 9+ ◒ 11+¹ ✔ 12.1+

¹Partial support refers to the websockets implementation using an older version of the protocol and/or the
implementation being disabled by default (due to security issues with the older protocol).
²Partial support refers to lacking support for binary data.

So, what do you think ?